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LGBTQ United States of America


Same Sex Relations: Legal
Same Sex Marriage: Legal
Changing Gender: Legal, requires surgery
Discrimination of LGBTQ: Illegal but can vary according to state and type
Social Acceptance: Largely accepted
Travel advice: Tourism and metro areas are welcoming and accepting, when visiting more rural towns discretion is advised with regards to public displays of affection.
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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in the United States have evolved significantly over time. Until 1962, all 50 states criminalized same-sex sexual activity, but by 2003 all remaining laws against same-sex sexual activity had been invalidated and same sex marriage legalised by 2015 in all 50 states.

Despite the many victories in the legal system, social and public opinion can vary greatly state to state and area to area. Most U.S. cities have a visible and open LGBTQ+ community. Many of the major cities also have gay neighborhoods and numerous businesses catering to the community. However when travelling to rural towns or conservative areas, exposure to LGBTQ and acceptance can vary greatly, it is therefore advised for LGBTQ travellers to practice caution and discretion when outside of metropolitan cities.
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