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LGBTQ Greece


Same Sex Relations: Legal
Same Sex Marriage: Civil Union
Changing Gender: Legal, without surgery
Discrimination of LGBTQ: Illegal
Social Acceptance: Largely accepted
Travel advice: As LGBTQ, Greece is a well known and top LGBTQ friendly travel destination
Greece LGBT Flag
Greece has not always been LGBTQ friendly, with a conservative Greek Orthodox view and traditional roles from both male and female, the societal expectation. However over the past couple of decades attitudes have evolved significantly towards a more liberal approach, and awareness of LGBTQ issues has been promoted within the media and government.

Gay culture is vibrant in the capital of Athens, particularly in the gay neighbourhood of Gazi, in Thessaloniki and some of the Greek islands, such as Mykonos, which is known worldwide for the gay and lesbian scene. Greece today is one of Southern Europe's most popular LGBTQ tourist destinations, however when venturing into smaller towns and villages, it is advised to practice caution with regards to public displays of affection.

Acropolis Athens
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