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LGBTQ Argentina


Same Sex Relations: Legal
Same Sex Marriage: Legal
Changing Gender: Legal, without surgery
Discrimination of LGBTQ: Illegal
Social Acceptance: Largely accepted
Travel advice: As LGBTQ you will be welcomed and accepted within Argentina.
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Argentina is considered one of the most LGBTQ friendly destinations in South America, with LGBTQ rights among the most advanced in the world. Following Argentina's transition to a democracy in 1983, its laws have become more inclusive and accepting of LGBTQ people, as has public opinion. 

It was the first country on the continent to legalize same-sex marriage, in 2010 Today most of the big cities in Argentina have LGBTQ scenes, particularly Buenos Aires, known as South America’s gay capital. Social acceptance and public opinion is high and overall Argentina is considered an LGBTQ friendly destination.
Buenos Aires
Iguassu falls
Buenos Aires
La Boca tango
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