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To say we are passionate about travel would be an understatement. Travel drives us, it runs through our blood, it inspires and it defines us. 

We believe that travel is not just about a holiday, it's about dreams, about exploring different cultures, different ways of life, places, spaces and people that change or alter our perceptions. Travel brings us closer to who we are, it inspires gratitude and provides room to breathe, to come home not just with the memories but with a deeper appreciation for life, for who we are and for this beautiful world we live in.

Our team, situated in the UK, the USA and South Africa, all have over 20 years of experience in travel, we know what we are doing, and we care; we care about your experience and we want to deliver beyond your expectations each and every time. Our goal is to wow, this means getting to know you, understanding your vision and recommending the best of what we can, to make sure that your travel dream becomes the ultimate reality. Our travel experts are conveniently placed across time zones and with focused expertise, we will match you with the best consultant according to where you live, and where you are going.

Between airline changes, connections, hotel gradings and reviews, travel can be a minefield to get it right, further to that, we know that being part of the LGBT community can only heighten the unknown. The world is here for us to see, and knowing before you go, makes all the difference to the experience. We work only with hotels and accommodations that pledge to treat all people with respect and a welcoming nature regardless of sexual or gender identity.

Travelling with us, ultimately means peace of mind so put us to the test, we are ready and waiting. We are here for you.
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